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House Arrest


House Arrest


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2 hours and 30 minutes- streamable to take as many intermissions as you like


American Presidency has changed over the last 200 years and in more recent years, what roles race, gender, and celebrity have played in these dynamics. Now in 2020, during one of the most important and unique Presidential elections in history, Theatreworks is bringing the investigation to life. Streaming October 22 through November 1, 2020 in celebration of Arts Month and in anticipation of the 2020 Presidential election.

NOTE: As every person is different, we do not usually offer age recommendations for our productions. However, we do offer a content advisory and are always happy to talk with you if you have specific questions.
Content Advisory: This production contains some strong language, discussion of sexual relationships, and discussion of racialized violence .
Closed captioning is available for this stream.

Watch the Actors Montage
Read the House Arrest Playbill
Below: Asterisk notates member of the Actor's Equity Association or the United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829 union.



  • Lavour Addison*.....Brian Palmer and Abraham Lincoln
  • Amy Brooks.....Ann Richards, Cider Stanton & Walter Shapiro
  • Susan Dawn Carson*.....Studs Turkel and Walt Whitman
  • Steve Emily.....Mike Isikoff, RW Apple and others
  • Warren Epstein.....Walter Trojan and George Bush Sr.
  • Cheerish Evans.....Lizzie McDuffie and Maggie Williams
  • Danté Finley.....Graydon Carter and Ed Bradley
  • Jane Fromme.....Penny Kiser, Peggy Noonan and others
  • Olivia Langley.....Elizabeth Keckley and Cheryl Mills
  • David Anthony Lewis*.....Thomas Jefferson & William Clinton
  • Jonathan Marcantoni.....Ken Burns, Gary Hart and others
  • Desirée Myers.....Anita Hill and Paulette Jenkins
  • Colton Pratt.....George Stephanopolous and others
  • Kennedy Reilly Pugh.....Roger Kennedy, Blese Canty and others
  • Kala Roquemore.....Michael K. Frisby and others
  • Sean Ahmed Sharif.....James Callendar and others

Artistic Team

  • Kathryn Walsh.....Director
  • Pascale Florestal.....Director
  • Alysabeth Clements.....Director
  • Sarah Sheppard Shaver.....Director
  • Marisa Hébert.....Director
  • Kevin Landis.....Director
  • Caitlin Lowans.....Director
  • Lynne Hastings.....Director
  • Sarah Dale Lewis*.....Stage Manager
  • Alison McLeod*.....Assistant Stage Manager
  • Max Shulman.....Dramaturg
  • Lynde Rosario.....Dramaturg

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