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Ent Center for the Arts, Heller Center for Arts & Humanities & Green Box Arts
June 25-30, 2023


The Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice (SICPP), the long-standing national / international music festival, will be held at the Ent Center for the Arts in collaboration with the UCCS Music Program and Green Box Arts June 25 – 30 for its 2023 season. Over fifty students and thirteen faculty from the finest music conservatories and institutions will be part of SICPP 2023. UCCS Music Faculty will join the SICPP faculty in both instruction and performance. SICPP has been housed at the New England Conservatory in Boston for the past twenty-five years under SICPP Artistic Director, NEC Professor, and pianist Stephen Drury. Dr. Marti Epstein, Professor of Composition at the Berklee College of Music is the UCCS / Green Box Composer in Residence for SICPP 2023. UCCS Music Faculty will join the SICPP in both instruction and performance.
You can find the complete concert programs below.
Consisting of programs in Performance, Composition, and Electronic Music, SICPP faculty and student concerts will feature composers such as Karleinz Stockhausen, Anton Webern, George Lewis, Lei Ling, Yvonne Wu, Helmut Lachenmann, Chinary Ung, Andres Carrizo, Amy Williams, and many more. With over fifty students from the top music institutions in the nation, the week wraps up with a marathon of student concerts. The final SICPP performances on June 30 will be held at opening day of the Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls and feature the music of Composer-in-Residence Dr. Marti Epstein, among others.

June 25

SICPP I: Repertoire for Solo Piano
Chapman Foundations Recital Hall

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Marti Epstein: Haven (2006)
Stephen Drury, piano

Nicholas Vines: AntipodEntoMenagerie: twenty-one miniatures for piano
Ryan McCullough, piano

John Psathas: Avenoir
Corey Hamm, piano

Karlheinz Stockhausen: selections from Natural Durations
Yukiko Takagi, piano

June 26

SICPP II: Mirrors and Water Bowls
Chapman Foundations Recital Hall

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Chinary Ung: from “Seven Mirrors”: 
1 - A Window in the Sky
2 - Dotted Path
3 - “…Roar, lion of the heart…”
5 - “…space between the fish and the moon.”
Christina Wright-Ivanova, piano

György Kurtág:. Requiem po drugu, Op. 26 (1987)
Haleh Abghari, soprano
Andrés Carrizo, piano

Rahilia Hasanova: Agog – Sonata for Clarinet
Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet

Younghi Pagh-Paan: AA-GA 1
Stephen Marotto, cello

Amy Williams: Child's Play
Jan, Stuart Gerber

Marti Epstein: Waterbowls
Corey Hamm, piano

June 27

SICPP III: Chamber Music, Inside on the Outside
Chapman Foundations Recital Hall
*free admission*

Student Ecoacoustic Ensemble and wind harps (outside)

George Lewis: Tuning In
Stuart Gerber, Jan Berry Baker

Anton Webern: Drei Lieder, op. 25
Haleh Abghari, soprano
Christina Wright-Ivanova, piano

Jerome Combier: Dog Eat Dog
Stephen Marotto, cello
Colin McAllister, guitar

Andrés Carrizo: Voces (2017)
Gleb Kanasevich, clarinet

Younghi Pagh-Paan: AA-GA 1
Stephen Marotto, cello

Toshio Hosokawa: Vertical Time Study I
Stephen Drury, Stephen Marotto, Gleb Kanasevich

June 28

SICPP IV: an Evening of Kontakte and Electro Acoustic Music
Osborne Studio Theater

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Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kontakte
Stephen Drury, Stuart Gerber

Lei Liang: Migration

Paul Beaudoin: The complex responsibility of a simple line
Stephen Drury

Jon Forshee, trumpet and electronics – world premiere 
Glen Whitehead, trumpet

June 29

SICPP V: Iditarod, part I - Student New Works and other Repertoire
Chapman Foundations Recital Hall

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Student Showcase including Marti Epstein: The Nemophilist

June 30

SICPP VI: Iditarod, part II - Electronic Music Program Student Compositions, Kontakte Reprise
Osborne Studio Theater
*free admission*

SICPP VII: SICPP Finale featuring the music of Marti Epstein
Green Box Arts Festival
*free admission*

Farm Stand

Student Ecoacoustic Ensemble

Glen Whitehead: excerpts from Pale Blue
Glen Whitehead, trumpet

"Timber" by Michael Gordon for six percussionists 

*free admission*

Church in the Wildwood

Marti Epstein: A View From My Window
Glen Whitehead, trumpet
Christina Wright-Ivanova, piano

Marti Epstein: Hothouse
Stephen Drury, Yukiko Takagi, piano

Marti Epstein: Shades of Blue
Stephen Marotto, cello  

Marti Epstein: The Spangled Sea, Calm and Cool
Jan Berry Baker, tenor sax
Corey Hamm, piano

SICPP VIII: Iditarod, part III
Green Box Arts Festival

Marti Epstein: The Piano at the Palace Beautiful
Pauline Pu, piano

Marti Epstein: American Etudes
various puppies

Marti Epstein: To Streak With Several Colors
2 violas

Marti Epstein: Lazy Susan
vc, pno

Yvonne Wu: Inflection: Two
Jan Berry Baker, Stuart Gerber, puppies

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UCCS students receive free admission. To reserve your ticket contact the Ent Center Box Office at 719-255-8181 or General admission tickets are $10, $8 seniors and military (unless noted as free). For more information contact Dr. Glen Whitehead at