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A THOUSAND WAYS (Part One): A Phone Call
August 20-22, 2021




Pick up the phone. Someone is on the line. You don’t know their name, and you still won’t when the hour is over, but through this exchange – as you follow a thread of automated prompts – a portrait of your partner will emerge through fleeting moments of exposure. 

The journey continues with Part Two: An Encounter. Learn more here > > > 



This is an experience for two people – just you and another ticket holder. The other person is counting on your attendance. If you do not attend, the experience cannot take place.
  • 24 hours before, we will send you a phone number to call at your scheduled performance time. Please call this number at your scheduled performance time.

  • Parts do not need to be done in order to have a fulfilling experience.

  • This ticket is for one person only. Members of the same household must have their own ticket and separate devices to join the event.

  • Your place of current residence, in a quiet indoor space with a strong telephone signal, and by yourself.

  • Any phone will work. All that matters is that it’s charged, cordless, and gets good reception.

  • Corded headphones are fine. Bluetooth/wireless headphones are not recommended. Please do not use speakerphone.

  • Please reach out to the Ent Center for the Arts Box Office at 719-255-3232 or tickets@uccs.edu and we’ll give you a local phone number.

  • Due to the intimate nature of this experience, we cannot accommodate late arrivals.


“A Thousand Ways was like a combination between a seance and a blind date and a memory and a meeting with your best friend before you even knew them. What a gift to be given that time away from the chaos of the world, to build a new little world in the space between your phone and a stranger, walking the delicate balance between spacious and intimate, between universal and ultra-specific. I so grateful to have experienced it in a week when everything felt like it was lost, it was a reminder that we still take care of each other, in the end, in so many ways”
“Never before have I felt so closely intimate to a person just through the sound of their voice.” 

“It was clever and innovative while being deeply thoughtful and personal. At a time when we are disconnected and isolated, the feeling of connection was profound.” 

“It haunted me with a face you haven’t seen; first in your own home and eventually transposing itself on the half-faces you see on the street - like a holographic ghost.” 

“I was really impacted by the emotional journey I took. It is also one of the most enjoyable “virtual” theatre experiences I have had, not imitating theater, but a wholly new form in and of itself. It is a show I would "attend" multiple times.” 

“This performance was exercise in hope in a time when I don’t have much. It sweetened my love for humanity that I thought had soured.”

This production was commissioned by The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, Stanford Live at Stanford University, Festival Theaterformen, and The Public Theater, and was originally commissioned and co-conceived by Temple Contemporary at Temple University. Part One: A Phone Call was developed in partnership with On the Boards production and technical teams. Original support for the production was provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Philadelphia.